Awesome Dev Show !

Tom && David are .join()'ed by awesome developers for water cooler shop talk about tech on the Awesome Dev Show every Friday.

As you may have observed, we're in boot-up mode. We'll trickle out a few episodes starting soon, and then get onto the weekly Friday schedule.

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Awesome Dev Show Production Updates

Humpday, March 24, 2020
The Awesome Dev Show has been postponed for a bit. Hang tight, and check back here for the reboot in ~Q2 of 2021.

-- David

Friday, December 18, 2020 - David had to prioritize some urgent, survival-oriented basics, and hit "pause" on the show. Jumping back into finalizing the editing next week from a new office! Thanks everyone who is waiting patiently. <3

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 - Yep, still assembling the 'sodes! Stick around for some great interviews airing this month. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel to be notified as episodes are released.

Awesome Dev Show Teaser

Season Zero: 2020

S0, Episode 0: hello, world!

Who, what, why, where, when, how, how much, and how come, in one convenient package.

Release: 2020.12.24(?)

S0, Episode 1: (Tom && David).say('hi');

In which we chat, one with another, about things.

Release: 2020.12.25(?)

Season One: 2021

S1, Episode 1: Do you really want to be a Ninja Developer?

In which Srdjan Vranac, CEO of Code 4 Hire, joins us to discuss.

Release: 2021.01.01

S1, E2: Burnout is real; how do we handle it?

In which Anna Filina of ZenikaMontreal will join us to discuss.

Release: 2020.12.11

S1, E3: Back End, Front End, or Full-Stack?

In which Ryan Weaver of SymfonyCasts joins us to discuss the topic.

Release: 2020.12.18

Teh Futurz

Future episodes are planned, and will release every week on Fridays. Stay tuned!

It's not just you. Nothing happens when we click those episode tiles yet, either. Come back soon, though! We're ramping up and cutting the show right now through the end of 2020. :)

The Awesome Dev Show Pipeline - 2020 Edition, four steps: first, record. Second, Move the files to the cloud. Third, Adobe Creative Cloud tools for production. Fourth, distribution to YouTube. Community feedback goes into show planning, and the topics and guest list of awesome developers are chosen for the next batch of shows. Guests on the awesome dev show then choose from the topics the want to discuss, and we record; the circle is complete..

The Awesome Dev Show Production Pipeline, in case you're into seeing how the sausage is made.