🎙 Show Hosts 🎤

The AwesomeDevShow is hosted by two awesome devs in their own right, Tom and David. With a combined experience of over 40 years of coding between them, these two are the ones who are responsible for bringing you the topics and guests week in, week out.

David Christian Liedle

Also known around the interwebs as "DavidCanHelp", David is an experienced polyglot senior full stack Developer, primarily specializing in PHP since version 3. David started coding from a very early age (he was 8 years old when he started writing BASIC on the TRS-80 Model 100). David works mostly on Developer Relations, building things that demonstrate value.

On the AwesomeDevShow, apart from being one of the two hosts, David handles the tech side of things, cutting and editing the episodes.

Tomislav Buljević

Also known as "Tom", he is an experienced developer, specialized in PHP, particularly the Symfony framework. When not sitting behind his computer, typing the days away with lines and lines of code, he is the proud father of two kids, and a proud husband to his lovely wife, Lea.

In his spare time, you can find Tom behind a deck of cards, playing Magic: the Gathering with his friends, as well as enjoying good food and wine/beer. He is also a fan of '70s rock and '80s pop and rock music.

On the AwesomeDevShow, apart from being one of the two hosts, Tom is the one juggling topics and guest schedules, and whatnot.