🧰 Cool Dev Tools 🛠

The Most Non-Heinous Tools We Could Find 🤤

We like talking about cool tech tools. Here's a few we have mentioned (or likely will mention at some point) in the show, or tools that we use in its creation. Each one has a little note for context:

  • Keybase [web/mobile/win/mac/linux/*nix]
    ( join our open community dev chat at https://keybase.io/team/awesomedevshow.com )
    Secure chat, file storage, encrypted git... yesplz.

  • Google Domains [web]
    A good place to register a domain name.

  • Google Sites [web]
    A quick-and-dirty place to get a free website up and running, with an adequate CMS for some basic info. You're browsing a Google Site right now. We used their drag-and-drop site builder to throw this together so we can SHIP IT NOW, and iterate later.

  • https://search.google.com/search-console/ [web]
    Managing your website includes relating to search engines. There's more than one, but this is the one that there's more than one of.

  • https://analytics.google.com/ [web]

  • DigitalOcean [web]
    Their "droplets" are Developer-friendly VPS servers you can spin up, run, scale, and destroy in the cloud at amazingly cost-effective rates, with full root access and great metrics and backups if you want to work with server images. We've got an Ubuntu 20.04LTS droplet mounting a 100GB cloud drive to shuttle huge files back and forth using vsftpd.

  • PivotalTracker [web, apps]
    TRACK ALL THE THINGS! (That's pivotal.) We've got a public tracker you can peek at: https://www.pivotaltracker.com/n/projects/2467317

  • AirTable [web, apps]
    ORGANIZE ALL THE THINGS! You'll love the API-centric dev take on the traditional spreadsheet here.

  • OBS Studio [win/mac/linux]
    Sure, people use it to stream. It's part of our recording pipeline, though. Tom uses this on his Ubuntu laptop to record local video and audio during the taping of the show.

  • Camtasia [win/mac]
    Also part of our recording pipeline. David uses this (a licensed copy of Camtasia 2020) on his MacBook Pro 16 to record local video and audio during the taping of the show.

  • Jitsi [web/apps]
    Tom and David meet on Jitsi a lot. It's open source, browser-based (nothing to install!), and pretty sweet.

  • Zoom [mobile/win/mac/linux]
    They recently bought Keybase to bolster their security; good move.

  • https://studio.youtube.com/channel/
    To configure the YouTube channel.

  • emacs
    To configure the FTP server/droplet. Emacs is to dired for.

  • vsftpd
    A Very Secure File Transfer Protocol Daemon, indeed!

  • screenfetch / neofetch

  • ...more tools as they come up!

Some links on this page are referral links, so we all win. :)


This site was registered on Google Domains, and set up using Google Sites. Yup. We're both seasoned developers, not necessarily people with a lot of extra time on our hands. ;)

The Awesome Dev Show logo was created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop by David, who shall remain nameless, until such a time as The One True Artist emerges from shadow. Is it you? 🤞

Music was selected by Tom, from the YouTube Studio royalty-free music selection.

UTF-8 characters for emoji on this site were Cmd-F'd from https://unicode.org/emoji/charts/full-emoji-list.html, and their overuse is entirely a phase. Srsly, we're gonna tighten that up.

The show is recorded on various tools (OBS Studio on Tom's system; Camtasia on David's; guests may vary (Screenflow Pro, Quicktime, anything compatible with standards, really), and edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Dimension, Adobe After Effects, and... well, lots of Adobe Creative Cloud stuff on David's MacBook Pro 16" system.

Files are moved via SFTP, SCP, or cloud drive storage providers like Google, Microsoft, and Dropbox.