Although our show's name abbreviates to ADS, Tom && David will not say nice things about you for money. However, we will most certainly express our gratitude for your company's sponsorship, and you will be showing our listeners that you're also supporting our mission to recreate the water cooler chat and knowledge-sharing experiences that Developers are missing during these challenging COVID-19 times.

If you feel that your company would be a good fit for our show's family of sponsors,
please reach out to David to discuss details: david.liedle@gmail.com

Please note that we give a shout-out to any brand, service, product, project, etc. that we admire, and we do not receive any compensation for this.

We're so transparent, you can even watch us working on the show. Virtually, of course. That's pivotal. ;)

We mention many tools that we like and use, and there are many more that we use for the creation of this show in the list as well. We will only recommend tools that we believe in ourselves.

Comic strip from LoadingArtist, in which a YouTube streamer is spending time talking about sponsorships on a video about surviving a wolf attack, and the viewer exhibits consternation as they await the information they need with a wolf right behind them.

LoadingArtist.com gets it. :D Let's all be here for the viewers and the community;
the commercial aspects of any project are very real,
but let's keep it secondary, ambient-not-aggressive,
and always fully transparent here.